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Swaroop kanchi - Writer, Director,  Actor,  Producer.

An aspiring writer returns to his home-town, re-unites with his estranged father and child-hood sweetheart.

Starring: harish Raj, Meghana Mudiyam, Lakshmi Chandrashekar, RT Kumar, Srinivasa Prabhu & Swaroop kanchi, 

Music by Vasu Dixit

Directed by Swaroop kanchi

Produced by Pradeep Raju & Tapas Films.

bengaloored times ad fr friday.jpg

1 hour 45 Minutes


Panduranga Ramalingam- a saxophonist is trying to put his life back in order after a life threatening illness, he's trying to find love, meaning and a purpose to his life. 

Starring Swaroop Kanchi, Shivani Parmar, Irshikaa Mehrotra, Padmavati rao & Alistar Bennis.

Music by Krishh Datta

Directed by Swaroop Kanchi

Produced by Prakash Chhabria & Tapas Films

screenshot (2).PNG

2 hour 12 minutes


Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi

When you step into the world of Kalidas, you enter the life of a dreamer. He is a taxi driver, and like the many drivers in the city who cruise the streets ferrying passengers to and fro, Kalidas lives his mundane life by enjoying the air of an alternate universe of his dreams, where love, wealth and acceptance are within reach, and joy is just around the corner. But what will he do when reality grows more grim and new problems that will rock his world strike?


1 hour 30 minutes


Pyramid still.jpg

Swaroop Kanchi / Tapas Films
Home of Indian Independent Films

Swaroop Kanchi is an Indian Film Actor, Writer, Director & producer and founder of Tapas Films. 

His notable films include Hong Kong Dreaming, Bengaloored, Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi & Mudita. 

Mudita is his latest Independent Indian English Feature film and premiered at the Marche Du Film at Cannes Film Festival in 2019. The Film is currently available in 64 countries on Amazon Prime Video. 

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