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​Swaroop Kanchi is a Bangalore based International Independent Film Maker who has been making Feature length English films for the world market.

A student of Design, he taught himself to make films, starting at the age of 16, with a few short films with low/No budgets, which were highly appreciated and got him instant recognition for his creativity and his story telling techniques & approach towards making Film, soon after he made a film to garner AIDS awareness for Peace child International, the film "Something Taboo" dealt with misconceptions about sexually transmitted diseases and myths about HIV. It was Kanchi's first attempt at socially relevant and Issue based films.

Still hungry and wanting to make bigger features, he attempted to make "Black Sugar", an English film set in Bangalore, what set out as his first feature film quickly turned his life upside down taking over 2 years to make and was a catastrophic adventure in itself but not in vain as the film Premiered at the New York Film Festival. Kanchi then moved to Los Angeles & went on to working on more Independent projects, he worked with talent from the Hollywood industry on films like "Sleeping with the enemy's son" & followed it with "Acid" and began working on "Taxiwallah", both independent films made in LA.

Having worked in Hollywood & wanting to work on Indian stories with home grown talent he came back to India, setting up his base in Mumbai, he worked on films promoting education for street children with a film for Akanksha and also collaborated on a film with Hollywood based Dreamworks executive to make a film on the similarities and difference with Bollywood & Hollywood, the film featured many successful film personalities of Indian Film Industry.

He then set out to make a Documentary on Kumbha Mela, the biggest spiritual congregation in the world, the Documentary film was a huge success both personally and as a film maker. He followed it with non-fiction film Projects based on Indian spirituality and cultural heritage in India, Cambodia, Thailand & the Himalayas.

In 2007 "Hong Kong Dreaming" happened. An English feature film shot in Hong Kong & made with Hong Kong based actors of different nationalities. His biggest film so far the film was a great success premiering at the UK international Film Festival & later at the Bengalooru Film festival, the film was showcased with the best films from around the world, it was also a great experiment working with Indian & Chinese talent, with a multi-cultural cast & crew.

In 2008 he collaborated on "Supraman & the school of Necessity" with UK based film makers, the film's cast picked up from real slums in Bangalore and starring a young talented child from an orphanage, the film went on to win international acclaim and was applauded by many including film makers such as Danny Boyle, Stephen Beaufoy and Shekar Kapur, helping bring awareness to the cause of every child's right to basic education.

In 2010, he released his first commercially successful film 'Bengaloored' which did well at the box office as well as garnered him and the esteemed cast favorable critical acclaim. Bengaloored went on to become a sleeper hit, and the chart topping music by Vasu Dixit made the film's success even sweeter. 

In 2014, Kanchi made his first Bollywood film and played Kaalidas, a taxi driver-in his first starring role, he also debuted as a music composer as well with this Mainstream commercial Drama. 

With 'Mudita' his latest Indian English film, Kanchi returns to the big screen- here playing a saxophonist. The film stars notable actress Padmavati Rao alongside him and the film is Premiered at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL/MARCHE DU FILM in 2019- It was screened as part of the Marche Du film  & was his first big premier at the Mecca of World Cinema. 

Mudita then released Internationally across 65 countries on various platforms and is Kanchi's biggest release to date. 

Kanchi often handles the cinematography and writes his scripts himself. He's known for his successful experimentation & and is known to cast unknown actors and fresh talent every time & he often etches out complex characters in simple stories.

Kanchi is developing a film on the life of Buddha as well as a Period film 'TRIPURA RAHASYA' set in the Vedic Period,  a big budget film to be shot mostly across the Indian peninsula. 




kanchi started work on Black Sugar at the age of 18. it premiered at the New York International film festival and kick started his career as a film maker. 

The film is about nihilism, just like artists who have the will to create, there are those with the will to destroy for the sake of self expression. 


Acid is a story about two drug addicts who love each other as much as they love their drugs, they have to choose one or the other. but each path leads to nowhere, a hopeless love story shot in Los Angeles starring Sabrina Bolin and Chris Cunningham. 


The greatest Spiritual gathering in the history of mankind, and the oldest ritual bath is held in India evry 12 years, giving rise to the biggest spiritual congregration of saints, monks, yogis and householders. But what you see is not what you get, a documentary about the Kumbha Mela 2007.


Fiona Man stars in this film as the estranged daughter who returns to hong kong to attend her father's funeral, but what she learns about the man she once hated changes her life forever and learns an important lesson about love, good byes and life. 


Kanchi's biggest hit till date, Bengaloored is about a writer who returns to Bangalore to see that the world he once called home has completely changed. But more importantly the people who comprise his world have changed as well, some for the better, but how long can he hold on who he was, he needs to let go, become the man he was always meant to be. 


Kaalidas is a taxi driver, looking for love, lonely and without real hope of a better life, he dreams of doing something important, of becoming someone respectable, but a man with meager means his only hope at salvation is finding a woman who will love him back. but life has other plans and love is easier given than recieved. 

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