2 hour 12 minutes


Directed by Swaroop Kanchi

Produced by Tapas Films, Prakash Chhabria

Music by Krishh Datta

Cinematography: John Romeo

Starring: Swaroop kanchi, Padmavathi Rao, Shivani Parmar, Irshikaa Mehrotra & Alistar Bennis. 




Mudita now on Amazon Prime Video.


Panduranga Ramalingam is a struggling saxophonist trying to fit into a world he doesn't quite understand. Panda's got his music & his ongoing quest to find a purpose.

He befriends an older stand up comedienne KGB or Katyayini Ganapati Bhat who brings some humor and meaning into his life.

After many years away, Sarah, his ex Fiance returns to Bangalore with her two kids to get away from her abusive husband. 'The chief ruiner of my life' as Panda calls her cant help but think of giving their relationship a second chance. He's looking for love, he's looking for a true beacon of hope for his otherwise hopeless and loveless life destined for the mundane.

Here he is confronted by various aspects of the life he left behind, including his overbearing mother. Together with all the complex relationships in his life, Panda learns to heal his old wounds and forges new friendships.

Happy Man

Brandon chiraz

One of the best Indie films from India. 

Girl with Hat

Djamilla Codelick

Sincere, moving story of a loner. Really made me think about life and its purpose. 

Creighton Brown

Great Music, Storytelling and acting by Swaroop Kanchi, one of the sleeper successes of the indie film circuit. 


Shivani Parmar

Shivani's first starring tole in a feature film, a model and an actresses, she has starred in several advertising commercials and Short films before auditoning and bagging the role of Sarah. 

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Shivani Parmar

Swaroop Kanchi

First co-starred in Bengaloored in 2010, followed by Yeh Dil Ramta Jogi in 2014, his first starring role in a Bollywood feature film, in Mudita he plays the protagonist Panduranga Ramalingam, a struggling saxophonist who is looking for loive. 

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#mudita Tapas Films

Padmavati Rao

A legend in the kannada and bollywood cinema, she has more than 35 years experience as an actor, she has acted in bollywood blockbusters such as Padmaavat, Tanhaji and worked alongside Amitabh Bachhan in Teen. 

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Alistar Bennis

Alistar Bennis is a upcoming theatre actor and Mudita is the first of many roles in feature films, he followed that up by supporting roles in bollywood. 

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