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5 Best Low cost Video Cameras in 2021

Before we start this post, let me clarify that these Video cameras are curated for shooting Video only. Although most of them can shoot stills as well. Not every camera on the list is released in 2021, but some of them are strong contenders for being the best even in 2021. Whether you are a wedding photographer, a film-maker, a Youtuber or Social Media influencer. Check out these low cost Entry level pro-consumer Video Cameras.

First on the list is one of the most hyped cameras on the market.

01.Panasonic Lumix DC GH5

The best 4K camera for video and filmmaking.

Upgraded, redesigned, and filled with features, the Lumix DC-GH5 Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera from Panasonic provides an outstanding imaging platform for shooters who demand some of the best video and still photography quality they can get in a single compact camera. At the heart of the camera is a 20.3MP Digital Live MOS sensor and a newly developed Venus Engine processor, which both offer dramatically improved processing times over its predecessor. This enables the ability to record 4K video at up to 60 fps, 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording with select settings, Full HD video at up to 180 fps, 12 fps continuous shooting, and sensitivities up to ISO 25600. Also, the camera features built-in 5-axis sensor stabilization, which can work with certain lenses to activate Dual I.S. 2 for highly effective shake correction that can compensate for up to 5 stops of shutter speed. Other improvements include a speedier and more accurate Advanced DFD autofocus system that can lock on in just 0.05 seconds, as well as 6K PHOTO at 30 fps and 4K PHOTO at up to 60 fps.

t’s difficult to know where to start with the camera. it's such a good camera that there’s a lot to pique the videographer’s interest. 4K footage can be recorded in both DCI 4K and UHD 4K flavours without the heavy crop factors that plague other 4K models, and this is captured in high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2 (internally). You can also use focus peaking to get focus bitingly sharp, call on an anamorphic shooting option, capture at high speeds for slow-motion output and opt for a (paid-for) log option. Video aside, there’s plenty more to love, from the excellent 3.6 million dot viewfinder and articulating LCD through to 9fps shooting and 225 AF points, all inside a sturdy, weather-sealed body.


02. Sony a7 III Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

The best all-round mirrorless camera you can buy right now.

Capture the peaks of more decisive moments with the α7 III from Sony packing newly developed back-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor and other advanced imaging innovations, high-speed response, ease of operation, and reliable durability that are ready for various shooting needs.

The detail of 4K, the beauty of HDR 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) astonishes viewers with visual depth and impact that are less like conventional movies and television – and more like real life. With the ability to reproduce images from deep shadows to piercing highlights, 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) is astonishing. With Instant HDR, the a7 III empowers you to capture High Dynamic Range without complex post production. Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) recording captures HDR, yet plays back beautifully on both HDR and conventional televisions. For added versatility, the camera also provides S-Log encoding.

16-bit processing and 14-bit RAW4 output for natural gradations Both compressed and uncompressed 14-bit RAW4 format are supported. The 14-bit digital signal from the image sensor’s analog to digital (AD) converter is processed in 16-bit form by the front-end LSI and BIONZ X image processor before being output as 14-bit RAW data. The result is smoother, more natural gradations that contribute to higher overall image quality. The enhanced BIONZ X image processing LSI makes 14-bit RAW output available even when shooting in silent or continuous mode.


03. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

An All time Legend and my Favourite Camera on the List. it's inexpensive, with great Features, ergonomics and comes with a free Black Magic Resolve Studio Software.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is a fantastic camera. It shoots beautiful DCI 4K RAW video, has an easy to use menu and costs only $1,300.

With the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, you can record in either CinemaDNG RAW or ProRes to SD, Cfast 2.0 or external media. The camera offers dual native ISO for less noise at higher ISOs, and it can capture up to 120 frames per second in windowed HD mode.

(Update: Between our testing and the publication of this article, Blackmagic Design released a firmware update that replaced CinemaDNG RAW with Blackmagic RAW.)

If you’re not blown away at those specs, your expectations are too high. The camera isn’t perfect, but what can you expect for a $1,300 camera? Remember that mantra, “What can you expect for $1,300?” It’s a common reaction to its flaws.

The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is the second camera in the Pocket Cinema line. The original Pocket Cinema Camera shoots resolutions up to HD in RAW or ProRes and did actually fit in some larger pockets, though not with a lens attached. This new camera, on the other hand, wouldn’t fit in a giant’s pocket. It’s a big, clunky camera.The Pocket Cinema Camera 4K has a 5-inch touchscreen and the industry-leading menu and operating system, the Blackmagic OS. Its form-factor is that of a mirrorless hybrid video/photo camera, but, ironically, it doesn’t shoot photos. The first reaction from this reviewer is that it’s just plain ugly. Luckily, the picture quality is much prettier than the physical design.


04.DJI OSMO Pocket Handheld 3 axis Gimbal with Integrated Camera (Black)

Handheld Pocket Camera with a Bang for the Buck.

The promise of DJI’s Osmo Pocket handheld video camera isn’t about giving you the same raw video or audio quality that you would get when recording with a DSLR and an external mic. Instead, this is a camera that prioritizes a simple, compact form factor to help you look much more skillful with a camera than you actually are.

Modern vlogs, with their tight editing and many establishing shots, take a lot of precision and patience to shoot, and that’s where a camera like the Osmo Pocket comes in. Over the past decade, YouTube vlogging has developed its own style of cinematography, with beautifully framed time-lapses serving as frequent scene transitions between succinct monologues.

Although this is designed to create an impression of effortlessness, its execution is anything but. DJI’s new camera is packed with features that are designed to close this gap.

At its core, the Osmo Pocket has a three-axis stabilized gimbal that ensures your footage is smooth and appears professional even when you’re operating without the help of a tripod. It’s also got more advanced functionality like support for time-lapses and motion-lapses that make the other staples of the vlogging genre far easier to capture.

DJI’s $349 Osmo Pocket shoots in HD or 4K resolution, and once you’ve captured your footage, you can offload it via a USB-C cable to your PC or export it directly to your phone via the DJI Mimo app. It’s a very capable camera, but it falls short of being the all-in-one vlogging powerhouse that it aspires to be.


05.GoPro HERO9 Black — Waterproof Action Camera

For the adventure lovers, Best action Camera in the market.

The GoPro Hero 9 Black has foldable mounting prongs, which debuted with the Hero 8 Black. There's a mode button and a power button, and a single water-sealed compartment for the microSD card and battery. Speaking of which, the Hero 9 Black uses a larger battery, which is good news, but this also means your older GoPro batteries won't work on this new model. The lens cover is once again removable (it was fixed on the Hero 8 Black), which lets you use compatible lens mods.

Overall, the Hero 9 Black doesn't veer too far from GoPro's tried and tested formula. The bigger displays and battery are all welcome additions. The Hero 9 Black is compatible with all previous GoPro mounts and most accessories. The company is also shipping the camera in a reusable hardshell case, which I'm happy to see.


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